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Your Mission


Our Mission

One stop solution for satellite ground communications

Product illustration

Mission Control as a Service

Spaceit offers Mission Control as a Service (MCAAS), a one stop solution for satellite ground communications. It includes a cloud-based Mission Control System (MCS), access to a worldwide network of ground stations, professional satellite control and consultations whenever needed. Spaceit enables satellite teams to dedicate more time and resources for the most important part of the mission - its key objective.

Cloud-based Mission Control System

An integral part of our service is the cloud-based MCS. Imagine looking at your satellite telemetry from a mobile device from anywhere at any time without worrying about software development, data backups or operational risks. MCS features:

  • Satellite command delivery
  • Telemetry handling
  • Binary data exchange
  • Payload data delivery
  • Orbit prediction
  • Integration with ground station networks worldwide
  • Contact time planning, booking and usage time optimization
Product illustration
Product illustration

Worldwide network of ground stations

Spaceit platform operates as a ground station service brokerage. We unite satellite missions with ground stations and simplify finding, buying and selling radio communication significantly. Wide coverage and high availability creating an easy to use communication infrastructure to different counterparties.

Satellite control

Spaceit’s premium service, a team of professionals managing satellites in orbit and minimizing operational risks. There is no need for a fully dedicated operator, the mission could focus only on the received payload data.

Product illustration
Product illustration

Customer consultation

Assisting customers in making cost effective and efficient use of the service. Whenever the mission team has a question, Spaceit is there to support you.

We simplify access to space

Easy onboarding

Only details about communication protocol, telemetry and commands are required to get started.

Customised solutions

We offer tailored services to fit the specifics of your mission

Lower costs

Our pay-as-you-go service model is removing the need for a custom software development, hardware investments, ground station licences, personnel for upkeep and satellite operations.

Clean And Simple UI

We put extra effort into designing a smooth workflow and ensuring a user-friendly mission operating experience.

Benefit by joining our community of ground stations

Increased efficiency

Reduce your ground station idle time and turn it into a profit.

Monetize your radio communication

An easy way to create economic value for ground station services.

Efficient planning and procedure

By integrating ground station networks, we ensure an effortless process of planning, booking and purchase of radio communication and optimization of contact time usage.

Near real-time network monitoring

Receive information on connection time preferences and quality to make data-based pricing decisions.

Minimizing risks

Reliable MCS

Our software is constantly improved and tested. Data replication and automated backups ensure high integrity.


Smaller number of different counterparties - our service covers all aspects of a satellite mission ground communications, starting from MCS to satellite control.

Expert knowledge

A team of professionals to provide help and manage satellites in orbit.

Early adoption

Taking advantage of our services already in the early stages of development will help to maximize your benefit.

Meet the Team

Profile img

Silver Lodi


Product vision, sales and finances in Spaceit. He has over 13 years of experience in banking and sales. Previous positions include client executive, project lead and in-house consulting in two of the largest banks in Baltics.

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Lauri Kimmel


MCS development lead. He’s been working as a developer, architect, team lead and mentor since 2003. Lauri was a lead software developer of Estonia’s first satellite mission ESTCube-1. Almost constantly working on projects related to monitoring and control solutions since 2010.

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Mihkel Jalakas


Front-end Development Lead in Spaceit. He has over 12 years of expertise in software development. In his career Mihkel has been responsible for various web based solutions for different clients in Estonia and abroad.

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Ivar Suisalu


Has a long experience in Enterpise Java and related technologies. Main interests include server side Java and enterprise integration patterns. Ivar has a PhD in Computational Cosmology.

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Maria Jäärats

UX Designer

Designer with a strong background in research, project management and a keen eye for copywriting.

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Hanna-Liisa Pender

UX Designer

Design researcher and human centred design enthusiast. She has 4 years of industry experience as an UX designer, working with design and development teams from very different domains such as public e-services, telecom, e-commerce and social services.

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Spaceit participates in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Estonia

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 791721